Dressing well is a form of good manners

I'm going to go against the grain of all other bloggers today and in the middle of LFW I am going to take a look at some of the hottest menswear around at the minute.

As Mr Porter has just celebrated its 5th Birthday (and not ignoring the fact that it is one of my favourite places to indulge in the clothes I love but obviously don't wear) my favourite picks are going to come courtesy of Mr P.

Ami is one of my all time favourite menswear brands. Taking note of trends but creating clothing that is sophisticated and subtly stylish, Ami's new season is rocketing.

Everyone loves a go to stripe and I think its fair to say every woman loves man that can confidently pull off a simple stripe, jeans and a good pair of shoes.

Girls and guys love a denim shirt. A well fitting, classic washed western shirt is just what you need.

When the weather changes and its time to tuck away your wool pea-coat, a lightweight bomber is the perfect choice.

Club Monaco
Classic Urban clothing that gives guys a chance to style a strong look with a super smart edge.
Plaid needs no explanation. Get one in your wardrobe...actually get 10.

Every man needs a good item of knitwear to layer. Throw them over shirts, t-shirts or crew necks. 

What all men should also know is that a woman is VERY aware of your choice of footwear. Don't get me wrong its not the be all and end all but there is nothing worse than an outfit that is completely on point being let down by 

1. Bad shoes or 
2. Badly looked after shoes. 

When it comes to mens shoes I have very strong emotions. I appreciate nothing more than a mans appreciation of decent footwear. I have and will always been a HUGE fan of Grenson footwear. Both for females and males, Grenson capture everything that is quality and craftsmanship in a shoe.

Coming from an extreme girly girl it may seem a little ironic suggesting menswear. It is however the case that I love menswear more than  anything else...the way that men shop, the way they style themselves and the classic looks that can be created from mens clothes.

Take a look at some of my favourite Pinterest style finds -

*Images from Pinterest