"Roses are red, violets are blue, I find shopping more attractive than you."

Halloween ran into Christmas, Christmas ran into New Year, New Year runs into...well a miserable January. When we just think all of these hyped celebrations have passed we walk through town one morning to see EVERY SINGLE SHOP adorned with hearts, flowers, gift ideas for him and her and see through underwear (sorry but it's true)

So being a singleton in the run up to this day that I think is meant to show case how much you love your other half I get to use the excuse that I am going out with myself and therefore I should buy myself a gift and also receive a gift off myself. Two separate gifts that is. Hey if you have to sit through three weeks of it being rubbed in your face that you aren't going to be getting wooed you deserve a couple of presents to ease the pain.

Que my true loves.

Well my true loves of SS16.

Dahlia is one of my all time favourite websites. Based in London it epitomises how I am from the inside out in collections of beautifully girly clothes. After unwrapping numerous Dahlia treats on Christmas day I am now all focused on their new season. And my oh my it has not failed to please.

So the things a girl wants on valentines day?

1. A hug?
A nice warm hug from a nice warm coat.

2. Something sweet?
Bows and pleats are always sweet.

The good thing with not being tied to a relationship is that you can easily flit from place to place. A relationship with online shopping I mean...

When Dahlia can't woo me on Valentines I turn to ASOS.

3. Too be able to wear your heart on your sleeve?
Well chest...chest will do!

4. Something strong.
To drink. 

5. An early night?
In your new Pyjamas!

So with the combination of a touch of online shopping, a few glasses of wine and the complete cut off from any form of social media for 24 hours, all the singles out there can have a pretty brilliant Valentines day! 

*And if that doesn't work...grab your single gals and just get insanely drunk!



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