Seven Days and One Hundred and Sixty Eight Hours.

My week on Instagram has been a clear case of me suffering with my usual winter blues. I'm not going to go into the morbid details because I'm sure everybody knows someone who does NOT cope in winter. We are the Olafs of the world, we are made for light mornings and sunsets at 10pm not rainy walks to work and pitch black skies at 3 in the afternoon.

So from the middle of last week onwards I took it upon myself to....well make myself feel better. A lot of my friends have boyfriends now so they are fine and dandy hibernating or hanging with them when the weather is woeful, then the rest of my friends are similar to me..we work all day and honestly kind of just want to chill out by the time we get home.

But my week of ME was my aim to make myself feel a little more human.


Day One : The Binge and Preparation stage - Aim to collect everything needed for the following few days. There is probably no need to explain this image and yes that is one giant BAR of Reeses peanut butter chocolate.


Day Two : Once you've had a little bit of a mental breakdown to your Manager/Gal Pal, go to Boots, buy a hair dye, shut your eyes and hope for the best.

I chose to bleach my own hair. I repeat...BLEACH MY OWN HAIR.

Inner Lucy voice

Four and a half hours of bleaching, toning and adding more Bleach London than any human should own, it actually turned out pretty darn well. I was always really white blonde but when I moved from Shropshire to Cardiff I was too scared to have my hair bleached by anyone else and travelling 200 miles to have my hair done started to seem a little extreme. But I didn't realise the difference it would make to how I feel going back to my bright blonde. 
Created with Bleach London; White bleach, white toner, silver shampoo and conditioner, rose pink hair toner.

Day Three; The Parent trap. So I'm in my mid twenties now. I moved out of home at 18 and have lived in two different cities and 6 different houses/flats in those 7 years. But no matter how old you get or where you live sometimes you just want your Mum and Dad. So I had five days off work and scooted off home back up north. Where I saw my family, relaxed and looked through some of the pictures that you always find stashed away when you go home.
*styling by my mother, totally 90's

Day Four; Puppy Love. I can pretend that I like being at home for loads of reasons. This time in particular there were three. Seeing my family, seeing one of my best friends and his perfect little family (who are soon to be Mr and Mrs) and seeing my true love my dog. They say diamonds are a girls best friend but that is so not true. 

So not only does exercise help relieve stress and boost your mood, but so does your dogs matching Cath Kidston lead and collar.

Later on in Day 4; Naps.
Living in a city you don't get much opportunity to embark on a country walk. So when you do, you and your companion need a nap when you get back. Its only right. 

Yes this really happened.

Day 5; ASOS therapy. 
Order a sparkly Princess collar because you are starting to feel a little more Princessy than you were at Day One.

Day Six; Turn to your style icon for a few wise words. 
I'm a sucker for caring what people think and an even bigger sucker for feeling guilty about where I am in my life aka not being married, not having kids, not being some high flying fashionista. So I looked for a few wise words that help put all of this in perspective. 

Day Seven; Decide to stop messing about. Get your arse back into gear. Dye your hair pink and go and f**king own it.


Oh and P.S remember -


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