20 signs your a full blown Gossip Girl addict

It's on Netflix, you have a day off and you want to understand why Chuck Bass isn't a real person.
But this is just the beginning...

1.  When you think you'll meet a guy but then realise he will never be Chuck Bass.

2. When eating your lunch sat on Museum steps in the cold seems fabulous to you.

3. You think its completely ok to wear a headband because..well Blair Waldorf does.

4. You were slightly traumatised when Lizzie Mcguire aka. Olivia Burke has a threesome with Dan and Vanessa.

5. You were also a little bit grossed out when Dan and Blair got together.

6. Secretly your favourite character is Dorota.

7. When you REALLY want your love life to be as dramatic and romantic as Blair, Serenas, Nates and well every other characters.

8. You worry for someones safety when they tell you they don't even like Gossip Girl

9. You can't help but love Georgina Sparks. Bitch is crazy.

10. You have convinced yourself that you will one day move to New York, live in The Van Der Woodsen loft and wear all of Serenas clothes.

11. You didn't breathe for the whole episode of Blair and Louis' wedding...

12. And then this.

13. Every reference you make to a couple is something GG related. "Omg you're like Chuck and Blair" "Thats like when Dan and Vanessa got together" 

14. You spend most of your time wish you were Blair but you know deep down you are 100% Serena.
(This particularly applies to me...)

15. You don't really understand why Nate isn't the poster boy for perfect eyebrows.

16. You know Elizabeth Hurley was a terrible mistake.

17. You also know that Jack Bass is so bad but oh so good. 

18. You know you could easily binge watch an entire series and you don't even feel bad.

19. Chuck and Blair getting married was just how you dreamt it.

20. And mini Chuck just made the end of your GG era that little bit more bearable.

Don't be ashamed guys.
You know you love it.



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