Things that should have stayed on Pinterest

Everybody loves Pinterest, especially creatives. We can search for inspiration for everything from food to how to decorate our homes. But lets face it, there are some things that should be seen on Pinterest and Pinterest only.

1. Glitter Roots.
I meanI'm not sure I'm even ok with these on any level but from Pinterest....

to Miley bloody Cyrus. If we're being honest, its like unicorn dandruff and not in the cute "I love unicorns" way.

2. Milkshakes. 
There is this sudden trend of fitting every desert into a glass and liquidising it. Now don't get me wrong if I had my way a three course meal would consist of three deserts but I do want to live past the age of 30 and just looking at some of them give me chest pain.


3. Contouring.
I'm laughing as I write this because I have just found the most ridiculous picture of a contoured face. My main question about contouring is who has THAT much time to get ready! Save yourself a few hundred quid in Mac and grab an extra hour or two in bed. Your cheek bones will still be your cheek bones without 15 layers of bronzer (or whatever it is you use)

4. Self help articles. 
How many girls go on Pinterest to get an idea of how they want their hair cut and come off it two hours later having called off their wedding, deciding their overweight and thinking their best mate is sleeping with their brother? If you're bored do a Gossip Girl quiz on Buzzfeed.

5. Neon make-up. 
No you can't wear this to work unless your job is being this model...or if you work in the Mac shop.

6. Zac Efron

Well he just has to stay here because we don't want to get arrested for what might happen if we ever saw him in real life.



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