Why Alexa Chung's Future of Fashion series is the thing to watch....

Now I'll admit I've been a big fan of Alexa Chung since she first came onto the scene on Popworld. It was nice to see someone who could freely be a bit goofy and not care! But her career into the fashion world from model to...well complete icon developed alongside my budding love for style, fashion and my education into all of this.

Two years after I graduated from my Fashion Promotion degree at 25 years of age I am yet to establish my career but have solidly established my look. I may be known as someone who owns far too many pinafores and can't help but add a bit of a 60's flare to my look with excessive frills and short short mini skirts but my taste is one thing in my life that I am confident about.

Don't get me wrong, not the way I look...not my hair, my body anything like that but I know what I like and I like it no matter what.

So as I slowly fall into the panic of what am I doing with my life, I turned to Alexa and British Vogue.

Alexa previously created behind the scenes videos of "How to get a job at Vogue" and loads of other insider views into the world of fashion. However the most recent collection of videos document the way in which companies have been created, run, developed, loved and hated as well as how some of the most recognisable names in the Industry got to where they are.

With the importance of everyone from retail workers to CEO's being looked into it was a reassuring collection of insights from someone who is adored in the fashion world.

Not only that, it shows how people can still be real even when they have people queuing to work for them. From the owners of Opening Ceremony openly admitting that they are more interested in their employees taste in music than their qualifications and Leandra Medine the creator of Man Repeller admitting that the fact that she hadn't shaved her bikini line gave her the inspiration for her global website.blog name, it became clear that the Fashion Industry is still for normal people.

So after watching these...not only am I relieved that even Alexa doesn't know what certain things within the realms of PR and Trend Forecasting are, I am relieved that we can get into the Industry by being a bit weird, a bit brave and we don't necessarily have to know exactly what we are doing.