Flats forever

So its been reported in the news and via every for of social media over the last couple of days that women are being forced to wear high heels in certain jobs.

NOW let me start by saying two things:

1. Seriously?! - In a time where everyday life for most involves commuting, being on your feet all day or running around like a mad woman as well as (the nice people) in the world being completely proud of transgender or transsexual men and women, why is it OK to tell people what they can and cannot wear?

2. I hate heels. - So yes I am biased. But I also hate being told what to wear and I don't really act on negative comments that people make about my clothes. Why? Because as a grown woman I'm past the point of caring if strangers dont like my dress.

Anyway back to the point, I understand that certain workplaces require a certain look. Yes if you're a Solicitor or Lawyer or anything like that where professionalism is key you need to look smart. However since when does looking smart involve wearing heels?! The amount of choices on the high street at the minute leave no reason for women to have to suffer at the hands of their employers. What would happen if someone was the best person in the business at their job but they turned up to work wearing ballet flats?

I also have to point out that I do agree that men are made to wear ties to work and that is also uncomfortable and un-necessary. The difference being that 99% of schools make pupils wear ties and we have all been use to that since a young age. Ties are not a constant feeling of being in pain throughout the day.

At the end of the day no matter what anyone says, you cannot wear heels all day and feel comfortable.

I have 2 occasions that I will wear heels - Weddings, Graduation (which has already happened) 

One of my favourite books, blogs and flat shoe fans enters around En Brogue Hannah Rochell focuses on amazingly attractive shoes...with no heels.
She understands that a statement can be made by having the eye to choose a slightly out there flat or a classic black ballet pump.

From trainers to brogues, loafers to slip ons there are thousands of different ways to make the most of flats. 

Some of my choices.....to prove my point:

En Brogue has also become a force to be reckoned with promoting the new petition to make it illegal for companies to require women to wear heels to work. 

Click on the link and give it a sign.