Get it girls

I'm currently sat in decent sunshine (as in I live in Cardiff and I'm sat outside with no jacket on) wandering how long our 'Ibiza' weather is actually going to last. I'm one of those typical people who loves summer clothes but hates wearing them. When I saw that it was actually meant to be hot this week the first thing I did was message my friend in a panic over completely NOT being ready to bare anything but my wrists.

Now though I am finally able to wear my Archive by Alexa dress with nothing over it. If you've seen the Elsie dress you'll understand that the sleeves kind of make it. So I can deal with that.

It's every womans fear when we have to get our legs out, when its slightly unbearable to have skinny jeans or any denier of tights on...we have to groom, tan, shave amounts of our legs that we haven't had to shave for a good few months. But its happening. God its happening.

So whilst sat with a coffee and listening to my new favourite band (Catfish and the Bottlemen) I have decided to gather some ideas for the best transitional looks from Spring to Summer. Whether we get to wear them for a week or for a whole season theres no harm in looking right?

Of course they are coming from my 4 go to retailers.

Anyone that knows me will know that there are four elements to an items of clothing that I love.
1. High neck
2. Ruffle
3. Denim
4. Frill

As much as it sound and probably look like a grandma they are must haves for me.


Clearly ASOS got the memo with this little number. £35 and pretty much perfect.

Again probably no need to explain. But this colour too <3


Blossom Dress again ruffles everywhere. 
Ive always loved how Dahlia make stop and look pieces. 
I think their sizes come up quite small so bear that in mind.

Virginia Crepe Blouse.  It's taken me nearly a week to finish this post and this 
little gem just popped up this evening!


This is one of those dresses that I love but I am 100% too fat and too short to wear. But still...

I got this for myself last week and I can safely say it is the nicest fitting top I have ever had from Topshop. Full blown in love.

Now in previous posts I've mentioned that its nice to find a designer that you love and sort of go with it. Mine is Vivienne Westwood, now clearly I can't afford the clothing (as much as I wish I could) but since my Graduation when my Dad gifted me what I can only refer to as the handbag of dreams, he (stupidly on his part) has been getting me a bag every year since. I like to call it a tradition, he likes to call it the worst decision he ever made. BUT without fail every year something catches my eye. This year is no different...

I have a hobo bag, a pink pretty bag, a clearly Viv bag and now this is next to become part of my life <3
Or this....
Im not going to put links to these because I really don't want anyone in the world to have them if I don't but I want everyone to appreciate how beautiful they are.

So although it appears that I dress like an 80 year old woman I LOVE this selection of outfits. 
Keep an eye out, things only get better!



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