The things you know now that you wish you knew then

As we grow up there are so many crazy mile stones we hit and at pretty much every age we feel like we are finally a 'grown up' especially when you hit 18. 
But my oh my there are a lot of things we all wish we had known during our youth that we know now, things that could have saved us a lot of embarrassment, heart ache and could possibly have changed our attitudes now.

1. Emo phases are never good
A batman bow, two studded belts, odd converse, black eye shadow and back combed hair. It's understandable that people have their own looks but my god if I had known how I looked during my emo phase I would have slapped myself. I vividly remember the moment I was woken up from my emo dream when my Grandad asked me if I was going to a fancy dress party....I was going shopping.

2. If you're a bit curvy in your teens, you're going to be curvy in your 20's
So don't waste your time with fad diets and stupid ideas. You can't make your bones smaller. I spent a solid 10 years of my life trying to shrink my Beyonce butt....I'm 25 and its still there. The shape of your body is the shape of your body. Don't listen to any bitches that tell you any different.

3. The Notebook is not real life
I think I spent a decent amount of time in my life imaging that Cardiffs version of Noah Calhoun would climb a ferris wheel and ask me out. I then realised...I live in Cardiff, The Notebook is a film and quite frankly I'm scared of heights and would never be on a ferris wheel. It doesn't happen like that.

4. He's not the one
Unless you're very lucky your first boyfriend is highly unlikely to be the one. In fact its more than likely you'll spend considerable amounts of time after your break up wandering why you were even together in the first place. Our generation are not the same as our parents. 

5. Don't expect to change the world
Everyone wants to make difference. Don't live life expecting to change the whole world. Focus on your world. You can change a lot more for a lot more people when you think about it rationally. (Don't get me wrong if you can find a cure for cancer or get world peace go for it)

6. Don't do what your friends do
Friends will more than likely come and go. As you get older you all mature at different speeds and there is a chance that people you thought you would be friends with forever simply grow in a different direction. It is possible to just out grow people without disliking them.

7. Quality over Quantity is important
Especially when it comes to friends...and clothes. As you get older and you start making actual adult decisions you realise that the friends that have made it to this point with you are probably the ones that will last. You'll also realise theres about half the amount there was when you were 16. 

8. There will ALWAYS be that one person.
I don't mean this in a romantic way. I mean there will always be one person in your life that is never going to back off. There will be someone who feels the need to comment on everything you do good or bad, the one person who will embarrass you or offend you. Learn to ignore them.

9. Your parents will become your best friends
Mine always have been but I think its a shame when you get to a certain age and you still have a very parental relationship with your mum and dad. There comes a time when unfortunately you actually start telling them everything. 

10. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing
If you don't want to go to uni don't. If you don't want to go out don't. If you don't have a boyfriend who cares. If you want to spend your money on clothes not booze so what. At the end of the day the person you spend the most time with is you. 

11. A pet dying the one of the most painful experiences ever
Seems random but GOOD GOD if you have a pet and it's getting old...prepare yourself. Also prepare yourself for people who have never had pets to think you're insane.

12. Social Media is dangerous
In the wrong hands social media is everything terrible in modern society. Never get wrapped up in using social media for something it was never intended for. Use it to keep in touch, promote yourself and make connections. Don't be a Facebook bitch. 

13. Vodka is not the only alcoholic drink
I feel like when you finally reach legal age and even when you go to Uni everyone just seems to drink vodka. Mainly because its like £5 a bottle from a corner shop (Im pretty sure its just nail varnish remover) but as you go through various vodka vomits in life you realise you'll find a drink you can enjoy the taste of AND not throw up after. (I've still not quite cracked this)

14. Dont dye your hair after a break up
I'm not even going to explain this one.

15. Find a designer
If you're into your clothes, find a designer you love. Theres nothing better than owning your first designer bag or watch and falling in love with the whole idea. Create an identity for yourself with what you like <3

16. Fall in love...
At any point. You don't have to be in love in your 20's, 30's, 40's even 50's but fall in love with something all the time. It might be 20 years late by the time you find the love of your life and all the stereotypical stages of life you were meant to have will have flown by. So make sure you love everything....I'm talking even if you find a type of chocolate you love or a pair of shoes that make you want to cry a bit. A silly love is better than no love right?