15 times our favourite Netflix shows have summed up life.

Everyone loves a Netflix and chill (and I mean a literal Netflix and chill) so much so we can all relate to how some of our favourite shows just reflect life.

1. When you're in work and a customer clicks their fingers at you to get you're attention.

2. When you're hungover AF and your friend rocks up with a Maccies for you

3. When you find out that someone copied your outfit when they promised you they wouldn't buy it if you told them where they're from.

4. When you've stalked someone on social media so hard you know when they're lying to you.

5. When you see your crush and try and act cool.

6. When someone asks you what you want to do when you're grown up but you're a goddam ADULT.

7. When you try to make chit chat and the other person suddenly won't stop talking. 

8. What you say in you're head when someone starts talking about contouring and you struggle just to fill your eyebrows in properly.

9. When someone asks you to go to the CINEMA on a Saturday night instead of going out.

10. When the 10,000th person asks you why you're still single

11. When your personal space is the most important thing to you and someone comes that little bit too close.

12. When your parents start talking about how someone you were in school with has a great job and a car and a dog and you're like....

13. The feeling you have when everyone is getting excited about Christmas but you work in retail.

14. When you're hair, make up and outfit are on point and your crush walks in

15. When someone you've spent ages talking to suddenly tells you they don't like dogs.


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