A-List Autumn

So if you know me, read my blog or follow me on any form of social media you will know that I am fully, 100%, quite worryingly ADDICTED to Asos. I don't mean "Ooh they sell such nice clothes" I mean full blown, Asos A list, everyday, I have no money but I don't care obsessed.

Ever since my first order in 2010 I haven't stopped obsessing over new arrivals every single day. I have no saved a penny in my life because I would rather spend it on Asos...and I'm not even ashamed. Asos is the place to go for clothes that stand out from the crowd (don't get me wrong its the best place to go for brands too if you have premier...free delivery hello!) but Asos own clothing is some of my favourite...EVER.

Personally I have an obsession with clothes that are ugly. Now thats not a negative. I love to buy things that people will see a picture of and go "God Lucy really?" but when I put them on and get to play around with how I style them the same people will go "Ohhh I get it now" and for me Asos is that place.

Now, to take it one step further, the new trend launched this season has been named "Grannys Attic" again if you know me you will know that this is  my dream.

Yes I'm aware that I'm probably not helping my single status by wearing high necks and ruffles but OMG I love them.

Now Autumn is coming and Asos start to step up their game big time. 

So I have complied my top picks of Asos buys for Autumn...I will also only say this once:


Lets start with footwear. Boots and loafers are my go to shoes for this season. Especially the current trend of embroidered footwear, they can be difficult to wear but who cares they're pretty.

They're glittery, they're pointed and they are beautiful.

So these are a little bit more pricey but they are bang on trend, have the perfect heel AND are probably the easiest colour combination to wear as they are a lot darker than other printed boots.

Velvet is one of my loves. Look at this colour.

They have bows on them, enough said.

So many people have laughed at me when I've shown them these but I LOVE them. I have a proper love for silver shoes so these are right up my street.

Jackets are my one other incredible weakness when it comes to...well any season actually. There is something about finding a stand out coat or jacket that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am not a fan of the bomber trend that has been sweeping over everyone at the minute, what I mean by that is the luxe shiny bomber jackets that teenage girls are wearing with their white skinny jeans. BUT the jacket options on Asos are outstanding once again and this is only the beginning of the season.

These colours. I would probably go all out and team this with floral boots. I love how this is a longline bomber and I love the contrasting cuffs.

Its pink, it has fluff and its cord. 

My favourite Blogger Megan Ellaby wore this on her Instagram and I fell in love with it straight away. I love anything with fur...ANYTHING.

So incase you haven't clocked on I love Pink, fur and prints.

I was going to carry on but I (no joke) just got interrupted by the delivery guy delivered an ASOS parcel....I seriously wish I was joking but whatever.
I'm going to leave this for you guys to have a look over and fall in love with whilst I go and play with my new buys!

And like I said ASOS A-List is the best! You earn points like a Boots card and end up with £5 vouchers! Who doesn't love the sound of that.



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