2017 lets do this.

Im well aware that its been 2017 for 6 entire days but I work in retail and for retail workers this is our down time. We FINALLY get to have a bit of a breather after the festive season. So my newer post is coming now, all be it I was off work ill the week running up to Christmas but MY GOD I was so rough, if anyone is dealing with this disgusting viral/infectious/gross illness going round you will understand.

But I thought I would cough up my usual new year post by breaking down what I want to do in 2017. I feel like 2016 was a bit of a blah year for me. Not in a bad way just in a....well nothing happened way. I spent two years focusing on getting my mental health on track and have finally succeeded with being happy and...well calm to be perfectly honest. So 2016 was kind of a "lets not rock the boat" year.

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm that annoying person that is NEVER happy. Not never grateful, or never thankful but I always want more. I am always striving for something and have a really bad habit of comparing myself to others. Ergo here are my New Years resolutions (wish me luck because my dry January only lasted 4 days)

1. Take up some form of exercise. Now you will NEVER get me in a gym, not for a considerable amount of time anyway. My confidence, especially about my weight and figure is at an all time low right now so I am setting myself the task of finding an at home exercise regime that I can do in the privacy of my own home. (Aint NOBODY getting my in lycra in a public place)

2. Go away on my own. I keep joking about going on an Eat,Pray,Love trip and focus on me 'finding myself' but this year I am actually going to visit a new country on my own and make the most of having no ties in my life. 

3. Stop worrying about being single. The end part of 2016 was focused a lot on me worrying about being 26 and single, I've now realised that I'm single because I give off one hell of a vibe that I am SO not ready to be settled in one place. I still don't know where I want to live, what I want to do or if I even want to be a woman who's tied to a man. So instead I am going to let it happen, let a guy want me and not chase anyone who I think might be worth it. Im a firm believer that if a guy is interested I me, he will tell me flat out. No games. I'll wait for that guy.

4. Decide if I want to carry on with this blog. There are so many AMAZING bloggers around at the minute that I am falling so far behind the trend. I love Megan Ellaby's blog and youtube channel and her look and blog is everything I would love to be. I do however HATE copying people and trying to be as good as other people. So I'm going to take the time to think about if I really want to carry this on. Its at kind of a stale mate.

5. Keep loving ASOS. Honestly it sounds so sad but my ASOS deliveries are the one. Clothes are my one passion in life and last year heard a lot of people having a go at me for buying clothes. I don't go out much (loser) I don't pay for any memberships or hobbies. Clothes are my hobby. 

6. Be more chilled. I was always such a chilled out little bean when I was younger but the last 18months have turned me into one big ball of anger. Probably due to all of the factors above but...yes chill out Lucy. CHILL OUT.

7. Go to more gigs. I have a load of bands that I love and never jump on the chance to see them live. We have an amazing venue in Cardiff called The Tramshed (check it out) and they have SO many good acts playing. Blossoms are next on the list in March!

8. Make 2017 my most successful year yet. Enough time has gone past with me sat waiting for things to come to me so this year I'm going in all guns blazing. I am going to GET. SHIT. DONE. 

Hopefully your 2017 will rock your glittery ankle socks off too.




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