Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach

"Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach" might be one of the most memorable from every 20 something year old girls teenage life. We all fancied Justin Bobby and we all secretly wanted to be Audrina riding on the back of his motorbike with our own flowery helmet...or was that just me?

Either way time has past since then and its becoming clear that it really doesn't matter that JB wore his trusty combat boots to the beach...why you ask? Well I am an avid believer in ugly clothes. 

Yes. The uglier the better. I have one of those wardrobes where people will text me saying "Oh my god I've found a top you would love" and it will most likely consist of one or more of my 5 must haves:

1. Denim
2. Ruffles
3. High neck
4. Leopard Print
5. And any form of short skirt.

Even one of my friends Dads has turned round to her before now and said "That's a very Lucy dress" What can I say. Ugly clothes are the best. So quite frankly if JB wanted to rock his grubby desert boots and denim waistcoat to the beach then let the man do it.

Inspiration comes from all over the place with these outfits and there are some particular favourites that are my go to guides. I also mean this in the nicest way. Brave styling, colour clashing and outfits that may sometimes be worn by a toddler pretty much make up day to day looks. 

1. Alexa Chung (as you could have guessed) 
She wears socks and sandals shamelessly, makes her entire outfit the same colour, wears coloured fur and more ruffles and lace that your Nan could shake a stick at.
[images from pinterest]

2. Megan Ellaby - She is possibly the best new arrival onto the blogger seen. (The proper blogging scene) metallic shoes, star print galore and ruffles <3 If you know me you'll also notice that our wardrobes are 90% exactly the same. Oops ASOS woes. [images from pagesbymegan.com]

Sienna Miller - Because she's just fucking cool.
[images from pinterest]

So now not only do I want to jump on ASOS I also want to watch The Hills again!




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