Lust List

It's SUMMER!! How good has this summer been so far too? As in we have actually had sun... SUN!
So I thought before the weather takes a diver (which lets face it we all know it will) I would give you an insight into my Summer lust list. Mainly from ASOS not that that is a shock to anyone. But ASOS never fail to make me fall in love over and over, if I ever have a moment of doubt with what they can offer me a quick refresh of the new in page just get my little heart fluttering again!

I have already been on holiday *cries that its already over* and I had some of my favourite outfits EVER from ASOS for my trip to Cannes.

THIS JUMPSUIT. Oh my god. I have never loved anything like I love this. This is the cutest summer outfit, its really fine pinstripe and the loveliest she of blue.The only issue I did have was that it occasionally felt like my boobs were going to fall out but a trusty line of tit tape did the job just fine. The front ties with two big bows and fastened at the back with a zip. I teamed them with ASOS sandals here too...LOVE. Find it here, because FYI its also a bargain. 

Secondly I had this amazing pale peach dress, with a MASSIVE frill. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a frill and this was the dream. I teamed this with wedges (the comfiest wedges ever...also from ASOS) and a really old clutch from ASOS that I have loved for years. This dress also comes in other colours and it fits like a dream! Find it here and check out the bright red version <3

Another of my holiday loves was this beach maxi dress. Now I'm short and I'm not really a fan of a maxi dress but this was something else. It is SO cute. It is a little bit revealing but when you're on holiday who cares hey!? I also always ALWAYS wear longline bikini tops and high waited bottoms which look really cute under this. For £30 too what a treat! Find it here <3 

As well as holiday treats I've also picked up a few new bits that I have fallen in love with. I think its safe to say that if you like something a little bit different then ASOS is the place to go, theres always the option of something being available that you want see a million other people wearing in the same way.

This top. Oh this top. I'll be honest when I wore this the first time I wasn't over keen on how it looked...turns out I just styled it wrong and felt uncomfortable. But when I teamed this off the shoulder blouse with my perfect ASOS mom jeans the outfit kind of fell into place. This top has had a few people stopping me in the street to ask where it is from which is always a nice sign! It took some strategic stalking for me to nab this as it does seem to sell out pretty fast once re-stocked but have a look here in case you want to obsess over it too.

This little beauty is one of my favourite recent buys. How AMAZING is this print?! This is the brightest, prettiest print and has the added bonus of my favourite fluted sleeves and the sassiest open back. Note to big boobed girls, I would invest in a cute bralet...I am as flat as a pancake so can get away with going braless. It's pretty low in stock but again...its a waiting game. Have a peak here. 

And my ultimate 'Lucy' buy was actually a 'I feel sorry for myself and I'm moody' sale buy which has actually turned out to be one of the best and most worn purchases I've made for a long time.

COME ON NOW. They have stars, platforms, they're silver and they're ADORABLE. These are the shoes that people stare at because they should be disgusting but they are actually amazing. I am obsessed with Stella McCartneys star print brogues and I have wanted a pair of Grenson brogues for years....both of these options are a little too steep for my empty pockets so these were a treat and a half to come across! And yes I have teamed them with glittery ankle socks....because I'm 26.

My wishlist is pretty intense for ASOS right now too, so I won't go into detail or you'll be reading this until next summer. Apart from these. If you haven't heard of Sister Jane then...well you clearly dont like prints and ruffles but my word. Sister Jane are a brand that look like the inside of my head in clothes form, they create the most amazing, unique, stunning clothes I have ever seen...EVER. 

Ruffles. Print. Cute. Love. It's all I can say. You can get Sister Jane via ASOS or check out their own website for more of the new in range. Brace yourself and your purse.

Just look at how beautiful this looks on the catwalk video. THESE COLOURS AND THIS PRINT.

As for the rest of my future ASOS buys, my list is looking a little bit full. Unless I suddenly win the lottery I think it'll be a case of drooling over this until I can decide which treat I want the most. Can I just point out these leopard print shoes though?! 

I'm currently working on a top 10 list, I tell you what's a hard decision.
1. Red boots - hello red boots?!
3.Velvet Puffer Jacket (PINK VELVET)
4. Denim Jumpsuit (love)
5. Vinyl black rain mac - because who doesn't love to shine!
6. The Henry Holland dress kills me but £200.....
The rest I can't even begin to decide between. HOW MUCH LOVE.

Anyway I'm off to cry into my empty purse.



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