A lot of Flack for Style

So as we all know (unless you've been living under a rock) style star and X-factor gal Caroline Flack has received a lot of abuse for her relationship with Harry Styles. Personally I think she did absolutely NOTHING wrong. For one who wouldn't go out with Harry Styles if they had the chance and two if you looked like Caroline Flack why wouldn't you live your life to the full?

But moving on from the Harry Styles fiasco I wanted to prove to cynics out there that Caroline should not be receiving 'Flack' for her relationship but praise for her fashion sense!

Being one of the very very few famous women out there who are not a size zero, I think Caroline immediately becomes an idol. She is a healthy, pretty size and wears clothes that are mainly high street based. She also mixes different things and doesn't stick to keeping one specific style.

Here at Graduate Fashion week she rocks a simple striped t-shirt with a tulip skirt. On top of this rocking her infamous dip dye hair she looks totally stylish. 
At London fashion week flack manages to edge up her look with dark lipstick that matches her maroon top perfectly. Teamed with ankle boots this is an all round amazing look.
I am completely in awe of her amazing dip dye here! Her hair never fails to impress!
Rocking a River island peplum playsuit, she looks slightly more glamorous than usual at a photo shoot. With big hair and killer heels this an outfit to die for!

Rocking the summer trends here, teaming floral shorts with a matching blouse. Topped off with stunning tangerine heels. Take note in every picture how Caroline has THE best taste in shoes!

Last but not least one of my all time favorite outfits worn by Miss Flack. As she seems to wear festival chic very well! The combination of her girly and flirty dress teamed with a bang on trend khaki jacket. This look is perfect for the transition from summer to autumn/winter. Ontop of all of this the fact that Caroline has managed to maintain her grace and whit with all of the backlash from jealous One Direction fans makes her even more of an idol.

So below I have picked a few items that will help you re-create a few of Caroline Flacks most infamous looks.

Fitting in with her buttoned up blouse and military style, this shirt from Missguided would look perfect teamed with plain shorts and some killer heels. Find it here  - http://tidd.ly/f2fb452b
These shorts and top from Missguided also work together to create the perfect outfit. The combination works to look like a playsuit but is helpfully two individual pieces. 
Find them here - Shorts http://tidd.ly/ee74961b

Once again Missguided en corporate the tie neck shirt and high waisted shorts to create this cute and girly playsuit. Find it here -  http://tidd.ly/1e28111a
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Boohoo playsuit! Contrasting blouse and black shorts is so chic!
Find it here - http://tidd.ly/7cd785aa

Carry on the festival chic look with this khaki waist tie parka from Boohoo. I love parkas teamed over tea dresses with boots! Find this one here - http://tidd.ly/1703ee67

I couldn't quite believe how hard it was to come across images of Caroline Flack whilst researching for this post, typing in 'style' simply produced endless pictures or news updates of abuse from OD fans and no pictures focusing purely on Flack. The obsession with celebrity takes a whole new twist when people start to become abusive. So I think people should lay of her love life and realise she has a lot more about her than a famous ex!



  1. this is much appreciated.
    i LOVE this woman's style. she always manages to look amazing.
    definitely a total icon of mine, the reason i bought a blazer.
    laura x

    1. She really does doesn't she! Her look is really accessible unlike lots of other celebs!

      Love your blog! It's really cute!
      Followed on gfc :)


  2. amazing outfits *_*your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Thank you :)

      Love your black glitter nail post!
      I followed you on gfc!


  3. really love these outfits! <3



    1. Thank you :)

      I was looking at your blog earlier and love it!



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