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Finally Louise Gray has launched her make up collection in Topshop. I remember when Topshop first released that they were going to start a make-up line, I was SO excited. I am such a Topshop worshiper, to the extreme where I sometimes feel quite embarrassed walking into the shop when I realise everything from my shoes to my under wear and even my lipstick is Topshop. But hey ho I don;t have a boyfriend so instead I choose to be in love with Topshop. I metaphorically wrap myself in love with chunky knits and leigh jeans. THAT is true love.

So anyway, swoon over. Louise Gray is quite the funky monkey. She is known for her outrageous and colourful style and has not let the side down with her collection. reflecting her love and passion for colour, everything from the packaging to the products are bright and eye catching. The prices are also amazing! (Don't forget students we get an extra 10% off...sometimes 20%!) She has also designed a few items of the most breath taking and beautifully crafter sequin clothes. They are slightly expensive but as we all know anything embellished is always a tad more expensive and so worth it!

Via the Topshop website you can take a look at Louise Gray and her style as well as the collections themselves. I LOVE people who have this crazy and confident sense of style and this really encourages me to buy her make up. 

My best picks!

This lipstick is stunning! For £10 this bright pink colour is perfect when wearing a block coloured outfit. I always tend to wear bright lips as I have really blonde hair, the colours always seem to work. 
Junk yard nail varnish is also stunning. This combination of bright blue and glitter is perfect for Autumn Winter. Layer it up as many times as you like for different levels of glitter cover.

On top of owning the make up itself, Gray has also created make up bags, brushes and holders. The make up bag below is a really pretty colour and is the perfect size to hold all of your essentials. Plus for £12 what a bargain!
At the moment Topshop are also offering a deal when you buy two products from Louise Gray's range you get the most adorable compact  mirror free. It also matches the other accessories so gives you more of an excuse to buy the matching parts too.

With her clothing range I was trying to think of a way to describe it. It is almost themed in a "Circus chic" with bright sequins and exaggerated prints and shapes and a combination of cartoon designs and contrasting colours they are lovely! There is one piece in particular that stands out for me. 
This sequin dress is £175, so out of my price range but it is stunning! I love really heavily embellished clothes and I think this would look amazing for Autumn/Winter nights out. The fit is also really flattering and one of my all time favorite styles. (I am not a fan of bodycon so you'll understand why) I know some people may find these designs a little too much but if you are anything like me and HATE it when people copy what you buy or how you dress, it is the items like this that you need to get your hands on!

So ladies whether you are waiting for payday, have a birthday coming up, or lets face it writing your Christmas list, make sure you add some of these!

Louise is anything but Gray!



  1. When I saw this morning the newsletter from topshop I was thrilled to see everything! Gray is color personification!

  2. She really is! It's amazing stuff!


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