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So my student life is taking it's toll on my bank balance so I am having to part with some of my beloved clothes! If you are interested email me your details or leave a comment on the post. Payments through paypal please as it's the easiest way!

Monsoon Fusion tea dress. I have barely worn this but it is a little bit bobbled just from washing but nothing you can notice. SO cute! Size 10. £25
This did cost £65 when it was new.
Topshop skirt, Size 10. I love this but it just isn't the style I wear anymore. Good as new! 
Topshop tunic. This looks really nice over jeans, I've only worn it a couple of times.
 Size 10 - £15

Topshop chunky knit cardigan. Never been worn, I really loved this but it REALLY doesn't suit me! 
 Size 10 -  £20
French Connection skirt! Good as new. I have barely worn this but it is really cute! It ties around the waist with a double tie and is REALLY flattering!
Size 10 - £20

So there we go! Like I wrote previously if you are interested just pop a comment on the post or email me on the address that is under the contact me page. I can only ship within the UK and can only take payments via Paypal (but that is easiest for both people)



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