Blown cover shoot - behind the scenes

So as you may already know this year in uni I am embarking on a group project and creating the new Platfform magazine. We have been lucky enough to have Ric Bower as one of our lecturers. Ric is founder and editor of the welsh fashion magazine Blown. As Wales is not exactly well known for it's fashion scene, Ric had worked wanders on getting up and coming talents published in his magazine. 

Yesterday myself and two other course members were lucky enough to tag along with Ric to the shoot for the cover of his next issue! It was shot at Tactile Bosch studios, which is an amazing setting for edgy and stylish shoots (unfortunately it's closing down soon) but as soon as we walked in we knew that the shoot was going to look amazing!

Even though the building wasn't exactly in great condition, the space and light and the structure created by the beams was amazing.

We then got to watch as Ric and his team started to set up and prepare for the shoot. We had never realised just how organised a team have to be to put the shoots together. The amount of time spent getting the lighting and shadows cast right, alongside the positioning and marking out of the models put some of our little uni shoots to shame!

Ric and the team (which consisted of a hairstylist and assistant, another photographer to act as another pair of eyes, and designer and stylist Jayne Pierson) were the perfect combination of people to have a first experience of a shoot  like this with. The banter and fun combined with their obvious love for what they were doing made the shoot so much better!

The shoot was focused on the new band Trwbador, Angharad and Owain are both a couple in real life and in their band. They are set to be the new stars of wales and have the most amazing and quirky sounding music. (Check them out on youtube) When designer Jayne Pierson arrived with the band we were amazed when she revealed the clothes she had selected for the shoot. Everything she makes is designed and created by Jayne herself and it is truly STUNNING! Every time a piece of clothing was taken out of the garment bags all you could hear was *GASP* wow! 

On top of all of this Jayne also did the make up looks for the shoot. She was really open and helpful when describing the differences between make up for camera and every day looks. The models and the make up looked amazing by the time Jayne  had finished!

(SO jealous of all of the Chanel) *one day Lucy*

*Useful tip* when shooting for still shots, more make up is needed than day time make up, you need to avoid shine on your models so instead of that dewy glow we all love, try to dust a bit of powder over the shinier areas!

Look one was AMAZING. The clothes fit Angharad like a glove! We all had some serious body envy going on!! 

Watching the shoot was even more amazing! Not only are the clothes stunning but the transformation from what you see in front of you to what you see on the camera after the shot is captured is breath taking! (Obviously you aren't allowed to see those unless you go and buy Blown....I'm not going to give you them just like that) Right about now if you're a girl the body envy will be kicking in but just you wait!

The second look was Jayne's tree jumpsuit. She said her inspiration came from when she on a walk around where she lives last winter and she simply looked and the sky whilst it was snowing and her ideas blossomed from there. (I know, I wish my mind worked like that too) That thought turned into a gorgeous jumpsuit, which was also very comfortable too!

The final look of the night was my favorite  You can't particularly tell here but the gloves and socks worn by Angharad are actually latex (it took some oil and a lot of pulling) but contrasted to this Victorian style dress by Jayne the look was amazing. Accessorized by the stunning ceramic jewelry you can see in the earrings and the ring. The delicate touch of ceramic against the latex worked amazingly. 

(How pretty?!)

So from a girl who has her heart set on a career in magazines, this was such a good experience. I am not surprised that Ric and his magazine are taking off! Blown and the team behind it are some of the nicest and funniest people around. Straight to the point whilst being helpful and all topped off with that much need micky taking is all we needed. On top of that we have fallen in love with Jayne's designs and actually feel disappointed to see Tactile Bosch studios close down!

Remember to check out Trwbador on youtube AND pick up Blown.
You will be "Blown" away.



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